Acupuncture – A Journey of Self Discovery

yin yang symbolWhen we embark on a journey into the unknown, many emotions can begin to surface. Excitement, wonder and of course a little apprehension too.

For many, acupuncture is a subject that is fascinating and mysterious, a mystical art that seems to have incredible capabilities. But where did it come from and how would one learn such a complex discipline? Often, many people experience great relief from their ailments by using acupuncture, which at first can be both surprising and amazing. This experience can often cause a person to have a curiosity as to how and why it works. Talking to an acupuncture practitioner about Qi and the meridian system and how acupuncture has an effect on the body is certainly a fascinating discussion.

This blog will help you to understand a bit more about acupuncture and if you have the interest to learn this discipline yourself then it will hopefully give you some good pointers as to what you need to consider before you choose to study.

We hope you will enjoy reading this blog and hope you will feel inspired to find out more about this fascinating healing art. If you have not tried acupuncture before then you may want to consider booking a treatment with a local practitioner. You don’t need to wait until you have an ailment as many people also have acupuncture as a preventative form of treatment or just to help them relax and keep them in balance.

Best wishes to you all on your journey and I hope you will find something that fills you with passion if you have not found it already.